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Have you ever said “May I be kind to myself?”

mindfulness self compassion Mar 28, 2024
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Have you ever said “May I be kind to myself?”

As I've immersed myself in teaching self-compassion this month, I've found myself reflecting deeply on what this practice truly means to me. It's more than just a lesson or a technique; it's a profound shift in perspective that has changed my life in ways I never imagined.

Self-compassion has been my anchor in stormy seas, a beacon of light guiding me through the darkest of times. Since covid it's the first thing I practice every morning as I wake up.

It's a deceptively simple practice, yet its impact is anything but simple. Merely whispering a few phrases to ourselves—"May I be kind to myself," "May I be happy," "May I live with ease"—can feel like an insurmountable challenge for many, including myself at the beginning.

Teaching self-compassion has revealed to me the depth of human struggle and the power of vulnerability. In group settings, I've witnessed many tears as individuals wrestle with self-acceptance. It's heartbreaking to see teenagers unable to recognize their worth, but it's also incredibly inspiring to witness the transformative power of self-compassion in action.

I teach self-compassion not just because it has changed my life, but because I believe it has the power to change the world. If we want to create kinder, more compassionate communities, we must start by being kinder and more compassionate to ourselves.

Over the years, I've received feedback from countless individuals who have experienced the profound impact of self-compassion. Many express gratitude for the reminder to extend kindness to oneself, often overlooked or neglected in a culture that emphasizes achievement and comparison. Others acknowledge how the practice brings up difficult emotions but also provides a pathway to healing and growth. And its almost always noted how strong self-criticism can be in our minds, highlighting the need for self-compassion as a counterbalance.

As you listen to the practice above, I invite you to reflect on your relationship with self-compassion. Let's embark on this journey of healing and growth together, one gentle phrase at a time.