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Find your inner strength and learn to embrace life's uncertainties with confidence: mindfulness coaching for all.

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I learnt how to deal with my own anxiety and stress using mindfulness and now I'd love to teach you!

I am passionate about bringing mindfulness to help others to stress less, improve their emotional regulation, and feel more contented in their lives.

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Dive deep into your mindfulness practice with personalized guidance.

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Often our minds are too busy to hear our own inner voice which guides us to our best life. The Find YOUR Pause membership gives you the tools to listen to YOUR inner wisdom.

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I teach mindfulness in many different settings; healthcare, corporate, and community centers

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My weekly session with Miranda quickly became a cherished moment to take a deep breath and focus on what really matters.

Katie N.

Heather K.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I was surprised by the immediate benefit I experienced during my sessions. She has introduced me to tools that help me recenter in moments of doubt, stress, and insecurity, and each session leaves me with a sense of calm that persists well beyond the class.

Though a firm believer in the power of meditation for many years, that belief was cemented even deeper in one of Miranda’s coaching recently when I experienced a profound shift in my well-being through an exercise as simple as breathing. She is a skilled, kind, and caring teacher who creates positive outcomes.” 

Linda P

My Mindfulness Journal 

The 5-Minute Meditation Journal: Quick Guided Meditations for a Calmer, Happier You.
This guided journal features simple meditations and writing prompts that
only take 5 minutes to inspire meaningful reflection.


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