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How I found my pause.... 

Hi, I'm Miranda Lee,

Founder of Find that Pause 


“We stay so busy so that the truth of our lives can’t catch up”

- Brene Brown

This is my Story


Hi! I’m Miranda, a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher with a rich 25-year journey spanning continents and cultures. I've immersed myself in the teachings of the best teachers in India, the UK, and the US, weaving their wisdom into my practice.

In my earlier life, I navigated the bustling world of advertising, relying on the calm tools of yoga and meditation to stay grounded. Little did I anticipate the seismic shift that awaited me on the path of motherhood.

Envisioning myself as one of those serene "Zen moms," I was in for a surprise. Parenting two little ones proved to be a formidable challenge, pushing me to seek more joy and less stress in my life.

The turning point came when I decided "enough is enough." Armed with my yoga and meditation expertise, I embarked on a quest to infuse happiness and presence into my busy schedule. I sought guidance from top-notch teachers and earned certifications in science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

This transformative journey inspired me to share these tools with others—practical mindfulness practices tailor-made for even the busiest schedules.


Why I Do What I Do:


What fuels my passion is witnessing the profound impact of mindfulness on people's lives. Just as it transformed my own, I believe it can do the same for you. My joy lies in helping others discover the practical benefits of mindfulness, empowering them to thrive amidst life's challenges

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My certifications and training 


  • MA in Social Anthropology – Edinburgh University
  • MS in Multimedia Systems – Trinity College, Dublin
  • ACC ICF coach training - to be completed summer 2024 
  • 500-Hour PLUS RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher with Specialties in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, and Restorative Yoga
  • Month-long trainings at the Ashtanga Shala in Mysore, India with the Jois family 2005-2008
  • Pranayama Training with Sri. O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification – Prenatal Yoga Center, NYC
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness for the Classroom with Mindful Schools
  • Certified Meditation Facilitator – Mindful Schools (1-year certification)
  • Mindfulness Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff and Mindful Schools
  • Certified Mindfulness Facilitator with a Neuroscience Speciality - Mastermind
  • Breathwork 40-Hour training with Jennifer Patterson at Soundstrue
  • Multiple workshops and classes with esteemed teachers: Susan Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Kristin Neff, Jon Kabat Zinn, Guta Hedewig, Paul Dallaghan, Pattabi, Saraswathi and Sharath Jois, and many more. 🙏


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