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How I found my pause.... 

Hi, I'm Miranda Lee,

Founder of Find that Pause 


“We stay so busy so that the truth of our lives can’t catch up”

- Brene Brown

This is my Story

I have been a yoga practitioner and teacher for 20 years. I’ve travelled to work and train with the best teachers in India, UK and the US. I used the skills of yoga and meditation to keep me grounded during long days working in my previous advertising career.

So when I was pregnant I really thought I’d be one of those “Zen moms” - very earthy and sorted. It was not to be! I found the reality of parenting 2 small little ones extremely challenging and overwhelming.

One day I decided I’d had enough, and I wanted to find more joy in my life and much less stress.

So I set out to use the knowledge of yoga and meditation to learn to be happy and present with a very busy schedule. I studied with the best teachers and coaches and got certifications to teach science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence classes.

So transformative was this journey that I decided to teach these tools to others; practical mindfulness tools that can be fitted into the most challenging schedule.

What I love most about the work I do is helping others discover the benefits of mindfulness. As mindfulness has transformed my life for the better so I see it doing this for my students.

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