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How to find equanimity ( balance) using mindfulness

Sep 29, 2023
Find that Pause
How to find equanimity ( balance) using mindfulness

  It’s time for a confession…I am not a naturally balanced person

This month I have not felt in balance even though I’ve been teaching about it.

I have felt overwhelmed with all the back-to-school tasks and, that I have too much to do and too little time.

AND I have also had MOMENTS of real presence, joy, and some great meditation practice too.

Isn’t this life for most of us? 

We don’t FEEL in balance but we do have MOMENTS of balance in our life spread throughout the day. We just don’t necessarily see the balanced moments, BUT we definitely notice the overwhelm!

One reason for this is that we notice the negative far more than the positive (it is called the Negative Trait of the Mind) and this is where mindfulness practice can be really helpful to find balance again.

Mindfulness gives us the tools to say, “Wait a minute, do I need to believe my thoughts on how out of balance I feel?, Maybe if I take a moment to pause, reflect, and go on I’ll be able to re-balance again”

Often it doesn’t take more than that to realize that the overwhelm you feel is just temporary and you CAN shift to BALANCE if you take a moment. 

So next time you feel the overwhelm of modern life know there are mindfulness tools out there to help you!