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Dealing with Uncertainty - The comfort of RIGHT NOW.

Aug 24, 2023
Find that Pause
Dealing with Uncertainty - The comfort of RIGHT NOW.

I was teaching someone 1-1 this week who is experiencing some chronic health issues and wondering if she will ever feel better. Such a challenging place to be! It is so challenging to sit with uncertainty and yet it's part of the human condition. After all, we all want control of our lives but we live in a world where we can’t control what happens around us.

We can’t control other people, what they say or do, we can’t control our health, we can’t control the weather or the health of our planet. However, I have learned that we do have one place where we can find sanctuary from uncertainty and it is learning to BE PRESENT. 

With mindfulness, we practice looking very carefully at what is happening in THIS MOMENT. We learn to find comfort in that sense of being okay with how your body is feeling RIGHT NOW, noticing the breath RIGHT NOW, and noticing how your mind is RIGHT NOW, grounded and settled. When we have found that place of safety in the body, breath, and mind we can look at the uncertainty of the future, look at our expectations of that uncertainty, and know that we simply don’t know what will happen.

When we have a place of safety RIGHT NOW to return to it's much easier to remind ourselves that the future is unknown, it may have unexpected positive outcomes or not but we don’t know. In fact, we can learn to sit with uncertainty and even welcome it, like a mysterious friend whom we will get to know only over time. 

Have a listen to the practice above and let me know what you think.

Can you find a friend in uncertainty too?