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1-1 coaching to bring the benefits of mindfulness to YOU.

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From overwhelm to empowerment: discover the power of mindfulness to navigate life's challenges.

On our mindfulness journey, I will help you how to use your mind's potential to move from overwhelmed to calm through personalized mindfulness coaching.

Using the power of the brain to rewire neural pathways, you will learn tools to improve emotional regulation, focus, and reduce stress. In this way, you will learn to use the power of your mind to heal both mentally and physically.

Working together, you’ll learn how to navigate life's complexities with grace.

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You’re here because you’re done feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

On any given day, you’re:

  • Finding it hard to settle your mind

  • Experiencing trouble getting to sleep at night

  • Worrying about the next steps in your journey to health and recovery

  • Struggling to stay focused throughout the day

Regardless of the specifics, you’re hoping to build mental resilience in your challenging time, so you can feel centered and strong even in the midst of the challenge.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place, I can help.


Welcome. I’m Miranda, a mindfulness coach who works with people like you.

I wasn’t always calm and mindful. After the birth of my children, I found myself anxious and overwhelmed. While I had hoped to be one of those “zen moms” I was quite the opposite.

So I set out on a journey to find out what I wanted to learn; to be present, fulfilled, and less stressed. I wanted to have the head space to experience joyful moments. To stop those ruminating thoughts. To be more content even with the ups and downs of my life.

Once I saw how small, mindful moments could transform my life I wanted to teach the techniques to others.

I teach my students the solutions that have worked for me. Practical mindfulness tools tailored for even the busiest schedules, honed through my personal journey.

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A little about me.

Aside from mindfulness coaching, I’ve been a yoga practitioner and teacher for 20 years. I’ve traveled to work and train with the best teachers in India, the UK, and the US. I practice daily and I teach only what has served me personally.

I lean on the skills of yoga and meditation to support my clients in both a scientific and holistic way. I love my work teaching yoga and meditation to patients in cancer recovery and those experiencing chronic pain at Englewood Hospital and in my other classes both in the community and privately.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a health issue, or a life event or simply want to develop the mental resilience of a mindfulness practice then then I’d love to support you too.

Imagine having all the tools and know-how to handle any stressful moment with grace and regulation.

Find your Inner Strength and  learn to embrace life's uncertainties with confidence: Experience the transformative power of personalized mindfulness coaching

We start with an hour-long in-person or Zoom call where we develop goals and an individual program including a bespoke practice schedule. You leave with an understanding of what mindfulness is, how it could help you, and some practices that fit your needs. I follow up with an individual practice for you to use in your own time.

Our first hour-long session with follow-up personalized practice is just $175. Additional sessions are bundled depending on your needs and budget and needs but usually range from $125-150 per session.

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Some of the clients I work with.

Clients often come to me after experiencing health challenges; mental health challenges like anxiety or stress as well as physical health issues such as heart health issues or a cancer diagnosis. Using the latest scientific research, we develop a program that helps them decrease stress and promote healing in both mind and body.

Dealing with challenging life events such as the transition into motherhood, the loss of a loved one, divorce, or increasing job demands can feel overwhelming. Together I help my clients to create an individual mindfulness practice that works to help them deal with stress on the busiest days.

I also love helping people to start or develop a practice keeping them accountable and moving towards their goals.


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