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 "I felt an inner calmness last  night, I came away thinking how wonderful it is to have something so special to look forward to once a week” 


- Linda

Find that Pause public classes

Find that Pause community classes make mindfulness and emotional intelligence learning accessible with science-based research, mindful movement, and guided mindfulness practices designed to improve awareness and strengthen connection. Research shows practicing mindfulness and emotional intelligence can improve overall health, reduce stress & anxiety, increase focus, reduce biases, and improve relationships. Students learn to nurture healthy habits of empathy, compassion, resilience and self-awareness.

  •  On-going Zoom meditation class on Friday 9.15 - 10 AM with a changing monthly theme 
  •  Each class includes theory/science, gentle movement, still practice, and discussion
  •  Each month has a different book suggestion to go with the classes
  •  Class is open to both beginners and advanced students
  • If currently seeing a Mental Health Professional please check with your provider before starting a mindfulness class.
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Coming soon:  Find that Pause - Deep rest meditation - monthly classes

Sometimes known as deep rest non-sleep meditation, Yoga Nidra is a way of calming the nervous system down in a way that you almost fall asleep but don’t quite. It’s very soothing and rejuvenating. Come and try it out as we relax and refresh together as a community. Contact me and I'll send you the details.

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